Lent 2020 – Day 1

I said: God, may I enter into Your presence with humility, my head bowed, my heart broken. 

And that's when I reckon with the truth: You never needed my permission, but You waited patiently for me to open the door.

So then, I say: Yahweh, I am reliant on Your grace. Your right hand tilts my head heaven-ward. And my heart - Yours.
My Day 1 Prayer is inspired by thoughts on liturgy, the Old Testament and tabernacle things, and how life is just an arduous process.

In this season of Lent, instead of fasting / ‘giving up’ – I choose to give more. (Inevitably, this means I have to give up activities to get more time to give more.)

On one hand, I will be writing 40 letters to loved ones – or more, depending on response. This is a massive undertaking considering my friends are all over the world.

And on the other, I’ll be sharing 40 prayers from my heart – some poetic, some ugly, some raw, some funny. It will depend on how my time with God goes on that day, like a check-in conversation you have with a loved one at the end of the day. Feel free to pray the prayers for yourself, or share them with a friend who you thought of.

I’ll be posting the stories on my Instastory and on my blog. Some days I’ll expand more on the prayer, and some days, like this one, I’ll just leave it as it is. Sometimes, less is more.

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