Lent 2020 – Day 4

Many biblical inspirations went into this, feel free to play ‘spot the reference’!

I went to a Traditional Chinese Medicine chiropractor/masseuse recently in the hopes that she could fix what is ailing my health.

My mum’s a little bit skeptical because TCM practitioners are a little bit ‘psychic’, but I’m a little bit more desperate to rid of my discomfort. Plus, this TCM practitioner has a western science degree and it’s through the recommendation of Christian family friends who are also under her treatment. I had to try her methodology for the sake of my headaches, nausea, indigestion (and recently constipation), mood swings, sleep problems and everything else that is literally hindering me from living life.

What really fascinates me about her practice is that she just knows.

She looked at my palms and instantly knew my heart wasn’t as strong as it should be, I don’t have enough haemoglobin, and I’m physically very weak. She touched my head once and asked if I had headaches frequently. She rubbed my belly once and instantly sighed because she knew my gut was causing so many problems. She looked at my butt and just knew that my hips, legs and knees were completely misaligned (I’ve been dealing with mild backaches for about 6 years now).

Her treatment method is really… rough, for the lack of better words. In Western medicine, you’d pop a few pills, deal with the side effects, then maybe recover. But she basically ‘massaged’ everything out of me.

The head massage was nice – it’s been 2 days without bad headaches. But I cannot explain the amount of pain I was in when she was squeezing my digestive system to alleviate my constipation. And if that was bad, I wanted to die when she was working on my lower back and hips.

But somehow, in the middle of all the pain, I had a revelation: the pain is the healing process.

Because after the worst kind of sharp pain of kneading into my muscle and bones, I would not only feel relief from the pain, but also the small taste of an improved health.

For once, I made the connection of the embodiment of the healing process.

Healing isn’t just this mumbo-jumbo thing that God does in a miraculous snap of His heavenly hands – sometimes it is like that! – but healing is also a process we have to feel, to go through, to painfully taste, because we are living, breathing, human.

My brain was able to come to that revelation in the middle of the pain (like literally I remember closing my eyes as she pressed down all over my belly and my brain-lightbulbs came on), which made the back realignment torture slightly easier to endure.

The pain was still awful and I was so close to quitting the process, but it was distracting myself with this realisation that helped me make that connection of the process of restoration and the pottery anology that courses throughout the entire Bible.

When Jesus became human, He experienced the ultimate pain on the cross for us. So what’s a 50-minute intense massage session for the sake of my health in comparison to the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of humanity?

To the Potter, everything is just clay. Beautiful, valuable, never-forsaken, useful clay.

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