Lent 2020 – Day 6

Just another day thinking of how God is an individualized, relational God that has the big picture of humanity in mind.

I mean: who knows why we have to go through what we go through?

My lack of health could be a lack that creates the space for those who never believed in God will now be praying to Him, communicating with Him on behalf of my sickness.

Or over 10 years of prayers for a close friend to know Jesus would be indirectly, temporarily answered with her mum faithfully attending Alpha and bringing her questions and doubts to the table.

Or how Paul was once the most religious person that persecuted and killed Christians, and became one of the main dudes of Christianity alongside Jesus’ disciples and writing most of the New Testament, so that he would be an example that proves: if he received God’s grace, anyone and everyone is deserving of Jesus’ forgiveness.

So back to the question that I think about every other day: who knows why we have to go through what we go through?

This may not be the most satisfying answer, but here it is: only God knows.

But since He is a good God, a relational God – He will answer the ‘why’ in His own time and space, in a language you understand.

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