Lent 2020 – Day 9

I had to attend an event filled with some of the ‘healthiest’ people in Hong Kong today.

I’ve been very open about my health problems, and being around physically fit people doesn’t change that – including Spartan trainers and the leading movement leaders. But something that deeply frustrated me while talking to these people is that after I mentioned my anaemia, they would say most problems are ‘mind-over-matter’ issues – if you believe in yourself, you can do anything!

Well, I call bull because I don’t just believe in myself – I am smart and capable – I believe in Jesus, the one who can heal me and any illness.

Furthermore, I have full confidence in my abilities to do whatever I can, but that doesn’t stop the headaches in the morning, the fatigue from bad sleep, the messed up digestive system that is constipated and nauseating most of the time.

I definitely edited the prayer a few times before publishing, but I wrote this prayer as an angry response.

I know Jesus has the final say over my anaemia and various other human illnesses that I have to go through right now.

But I also know that God’s plan is grander than an ultimate goal of mental and physical comfort – there is a bigger picture is not solved with the ‘mind-over-matter’ method, but with faith in Him that everything will work out for His glory.

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