Lent 2020 – Day 10

When I’m surrounded by problems and stressors, the easiest mindset to cave into is: woe is me. But I’m blessed by the truth that my pain is never about me, just as Paul’s thorn in the flesh was never about him.

Sure, it affected him deeply, just as my lack of health affects me every single day, from not being able to wake up to figuring out how much energy I can expend before I completely crash to random mood swings because I’m hungry or tired or both to so much more annoyances in simply living life.

But I relish in the joy that I still get to play boardgames with my friends, that I can still have online banter with my friends, that I can still socialise at a colleague’s event that he’s worked so hard on despite a gnawing headache, that I can go on easy hikes with my parents. I may still be sick, but at least, for now, I still have the beautiful opportunity to live life with others. For that alone, I have a reason to try to wake up again tomorrow, even if my body may not allow it.

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