Lent 2020 – Day 15

As someone who lives in Hong Kong, watching my friends in the USA go through the Coronavirus – my heart goes out to you all.

On one hand, you cannot go into ultimate panic that debilitates you from thinking rationally, like mass-buying toilet paper. You cannot let this temporary virus rule your life, your thoughts, and your hope.

But on the other hand, I cannot stop stressing the importance of exercising caution.

It truly is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to a pandemic.

A lot of people on Twitter think it’s okay to go out and do life as normal, or do some globe-trotting while the ticket prices are cheap. Aside from the obvious selfishness that comes with potentially bringing the virus all over the world wherever you go, there’s also the potential long-term effect that your lungs may be compromised for life.

Being brave in a time of #COVID19 does not look like taking advantage of opportunistic capitalism in the form of cheap flight deals.

If you’d like to be brave during a time like this:

  • Donate your money to local arts organisations that have to cancel shows for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Bring food and sanitary supplies to the closest shelter or humanitarian organisation.
  • Spread facts, not fear. Facts that social distancing is the best solution for now, actionable things you can do to limit the spread of the virus in your day-to-day lives, that this virus is not racist (while people can be, so look out for each other).
  • Reach out to your friends, especially those who have a history of depression or anxiety or health-issues.
  • Continue to have a routine and make sure your body gets enough movement, nutrients and moments that bring you joy.

Life must go on, and life will go on. But things will look different, and we have to be more flexible and faith-filled as we adapt and consider what’s best for everyone, not just our lives.

And on both hands, I make sure I wash them thoroughly and sanitise them as often as I remember, so that I can clasp them together to pray for you.

I pray for living hope that surpasses all fear, for healing over those afflicted and protection over those that are vulnerable, for comfort over anxiety and rational fears. Above all, I pray that this coronavirus season is a wake-up call to rest, to slow down, to actively receive the goodness that still exists, to be examples of God’s hope and light.

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