Lent 2020 – Day 16

The beauty of having days and nights is that every single time the sun goes down and comes up, we are offered a new chance to do it again.

I am not ashamed in admitting that thinking I have to ‘do it again’ sounds so tiring and cumbersome. I was notorious for being terrible at practicing my piano (yet I passed all my piano exams all the way to the diploma level, so imagine if I practiced).

But as I grow older, especially after I started working full-time, I begun to appreciate the sentiment of ‘do it again’.

When we are kids, we want to do everything again, and again, and again. Repetition, after all, is how kids learn.

But as ‘adults’ we think that repetition is boring. Making the bed every morning. Practicing the piano is boring. I prayed for this person for months now. I’ve done it already – why do I have to do it again?

Because God first did it again, and again, and again.

By ‘it’, I mean all of it. All of creation is made new all the time. Our cells regenerate every 7 years, so every 7 years we’re all totally physically new persons.

If God gave our cells that kind of grace, imagine how much more grace He offers us by giving us another day to apply to new jobs, to run that extra mile, to ask that girl out (after eons of internal deliberation), to say you’re sorry and make amends, to eat another great meal, to fall in love again, to laugh and cry, to breathe.

You may feel like I’m stretching the metaphor here, but just as Jesus died and rose again for our sins – we are reminded of that in our natural act of rising and waking.

And we are offered that opportunity to ‘die to self and live in Christ’, as we fall asleep, and rise up the very next day to a new day filled with new adventures and beautiful stories.

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