Lent 2020 – Day 22

I’ve never been a person to watch documentaries, let alone animal or nature documentaries, let alone binge watch ’72 Cutest Animals’ (which I did in like 3 days).

Recently, I’ve been in a documentary mood so I’ve been jumping around a bunch of non-fiction shows. The latest documentary series I’m working on is ‘Our Planet’.

Fun sidenote: I watched ‘Dancing With The Birds’ weeks ago before my documentary mood because I love birds THAT much, but I never cared to watch the rest of ‘Our Planet’ just yet. The documentary mood is that recent. Before that I was a pure TV drama and sitcoms kind of person.

Anyway, this documentary series has been an amazing experience so far. I strongly recommend you watching it (if you haven’t already; if you have, the following reasons are good reasons to re-watch).

One, it’s reminding me that the world is still spinning, still thriving, still beautiful even if I’m in quarantine. When this COVID-19 season is over, I’m definitely traveling to a place to see some of these animals with my own eyes, maybe Quokkas in Perth, or finally going to South Africa for a safari.

Two, I’m enraged by the fact that we’re destroying this beautiful earth for the sake of profit. The earth is more abundant than we could ever imagine, and yet we choose to kill endangered species for our selfishness. Also, when animal numbers are declines, it’s all for the same reason, and that reason is human selfishness. Human selfishness may show itself as rising ocean levels due to longer summers due to the added CO2 levels from factories, or poachers, or deforestation for the sake of palm oil.

Three, I’m in awe that God could create all of this.

Entertain this thought with me for a second: if God created this world with words, simple words as ‘birds’ and ‘trees’ and ‘land animals’ and ‘fish’, and we get this kind of diversity – just sit there for a second or two about how POWERFUL His words really are.

To think that the God who cares about the grand ecosystem to the tiny spots on a cheetah, is the same God who listens to my silly prayers (they’re not silly, but I know some of my requests are kind of like a child going up to a parent and asking for a dollar because they don’t even know that the 100 dollar bill exists).

The God whose grace and love for us is so vast that He lets us live in this beautiful universe without ever requiring us to love Him back or worship Him. Of course, He’d want us to acknowledge Him and praise Him for creating it. But He lets us have the freedom to live anyway. How great is that love.

This is also a God that understands time, for He created it, and allowed time to grow trees into a rainforest, an entire self-sustaining wilderness/ecosystem.

If He can wait a million years for a rainforest to become one, how much more patient will He be with us, His loved Ones that He fashioned in His own image?

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