Lent 2020 – Day 25

One of the things I do nowadays to get through this weird time is to watch animal documentaries. They’re therapeutic and reminds me that there is a bigger, more beautiful world beyond the apartment.

Anyway, I’m currently on ‘Our Planet’ and I finished the episode about the high seas. I’ve always been intrigued by the deep sea creatures because they’re basically aliens on earth. And they are! Some of them glow. Some of them look like they are pure electricity. Some of them are completely translucent. Some of them are just plain ugly.

But the key takeaway I got from the little segment of the deep sea mysteries is that: they’re alive, thriving and completely at home in the cold darkness.

After that episode, I was so fatigued and was in and out of sleep. Yet somewhere in the middle of the sleepy haze, this prayer came to mind and I had to write it down on my phone. The footnote was also included in that haze.

When I looked back on my notes later in the day, there were so many typos but it still made sense. Including the footnote.

God always makes a way, and there is always hope, especially in the darkest of places.

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