Lent 2020 – Day 26

Whenever I think of the decisions I have to make, I think of Solomon’s dream where God is like I’ll give you whatever you want, and Solomon asks for wisdom.

The great news is that we’re allowed to ask for wisdom. The bad news is Solomon never followed the wisdom that God graciously gives to him. Solomon did not end his life on a strong note, and the ruins of that are evident in the generations after.

As I face a huge decision that I have to make, I pray this over myself. While I know that God’s grace is bigger than any of my mistakes, I don’t want to let regret run my life, knowing that God was telling me to go for Option B when I wanted Him to tell me Option A.

And I hope you pray this for yourself too, because God wants the best for you if you humbly ask him for His best.

However, I also pray this over those actively waging the war of COVID-19 right now. The ones who truly have to make the life/death decisions of ventilators and hospital beds. I pray that God will grant them the peace that covers all their choices that they have to make under duress.

I pray this prayer over parents who have to decide what’s best for their little children. I pray this prayer over graduates who are entering the job market in a recession, over high school students who have to decide where to go in the middle of all this uncertainty.

I pray this prayer for those who don’t know what to do, for those who have anxiety, for those who are in 24/7 panic mode – God is gracious, God cares, and He wants to shepherd you. I dare you to let Him guide you, and trust me on this: trusting Him with your worries is the best decision you’ll ever make.

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