Lent 2020 – Day 27

This week has been a whirlwind of grief, anxiety and uncertainty from a lot of the people I’ve been messaging lately. Thank God I’m doing pretty well this week because praying for people this week has been an extra burden on my heart.

Because that’s all I can do in this season. Before this virus and before my health went wack, I had the capacity to be that friend that shows up at your house at midnight to eat ice cream with you, or that friend you call to go on hospital runs with you. I also was that friend that would fly anywhere just to be with you in your worst time (done that).

Yet in this incredibly physically limiting season, I have to exercise my spiritual, intangible faith. I have to believe for the sake of my friends that it will get better.

Believing in their gifts and their strengths is one thing, but to believe that God covers their weaknesses and lifts their spirits towards heaven is so much harder.

It’s so much easier to meddle in your friends’ lives and get things done your way, than to have faith.

But today, and time and time again, I choose faith. I choose to pray for my friends when I’m at my own limits. While I can’t be there with them, I’m grateful that I know the One who never leaves.

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