Lent 2020 – Day 28

During my freshie year at NYU, someone ‘prophecised’ over me. She said that she saw me in the middle of a suspension bridge with fog all around me. She saw me right in the middle where I could not see the beginning on the end, but I kept walking forward because that’s the only direction I could go.

7 years later, this image came back to mind. Even though that felt relevant then, it still does now. Does that mean the fog stayed for the past 7 years? Does that mean I’m in the middle of another bridge?

Today I read that God loves using the ambiguity of language to help us grow and learn, and be comfortable with layered meanings. It’s one of the reasons why Jesus loved using parables – years and years later, we’re still gleaning new meanings with the same old truths depending on our shifting contexts.

Maybe this prophecy came to my mind because I need to revisit it again, and glean new understandings from a striking image. Maybe it’s encouragement that my faith is still as determined as my spunky and idealistic freshie self.

I don’t have the magic of hindsight over this very uncertain season, over my extremely convoluted twenties (does it get better in your thirties?). But I have faith, and perhaps that’s all I need for this part of the journey.

I’m sure that you, reading this, share some sentiment of uncertainty and that the future’s kind of foggy these days. The good news is that God’s with us, not as a foreign concept that watches from above the fog, but He’s in the thick of it with us – His Spirit leads us through the fog, the vapour.

The better news is that when the sun shines and we all look back on this suspension bridge of 2020/COVID-19, we will have the power of hindsight in our favour to bring the gospel of the Good News, that we not only lived through the fog because of our faith in Him, but that we were victorious because of His love for us.

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