Lent 2020 – Day 33

One of my favourite things about being in relationship with Christ is that I get to talk to Jesus all the time. I never needed an imaginary friend or the feeling of abandonment because I knew I could talk to Jesus/the Holy Spirit anytime so I did (we can debate the theology behind this later).

Many non-Christian friends have talked to me about talking to God before. I say prayer is as natural as my thought process, as simple as talking to a loved one or a friend who knows you better than you know yourself. My journal is full of words I’d never publish because I don’t proofread my inner monologue.

Dare I challenge you today: to talk to God as you would to your most trusted human in your life. No pomp, no pretense, no fear. Just as you are, including the uncertainties about grammar or the right word choices or whether you’re theologically correct.

Connecting with God isn’t about getting things right – God already made things right by sending His son for our sins and His Spirit to dwell in us; connecting with God is about being with Him, as He is and as we are.

Sometimes being with Him is being honest about your guilt, the parts you’re ashamed of – to let His grace wash over You, telling you that you are free to sin no more. Sometimes being with Him is over coffee (I’ve bought 2 cups of coffee before as I would for a friend) and chatting about whatever’s happening in life, the crazy and the mundane. Sometimes its a 4AM emergency call when You can’t sleep and absolutely no one else is up.

What’s most important is that God doesn’t care for sacrifice, He just wants obedience. And obedience to Him, when it comes to prayer, is to come as we are and spend time with Him. No need for play-acting religiousity.


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