Certificate of Competence

I googled ‘testimonial synonyms‘ and this is the best one to encapsulate all the lovely words my friends have taken the time to say about me. If you’d like to write one, you are more than welcome to at the bottom of this page!

Note: I’m quite self-effacing and awkward about receiving compliments. However, I think of this portion of the website as not only a homage to the people in my life that have built me up, but also a chance to get better at receiving uplifting truths about myself that I normally would brush off.

It is hard to find the words to describe such a capable individual, but I have had the privilege of getting to know Grace throughout many years, projects, and events. Grace is a problem solver, a connector, a leader, a teammate, a big picture see-er, a motivator, and more. She takes on challenges thoughtfully, with a strong sense of direction and determination. Above all else, I believe that Grace’s charming personality and unwavering kindness shine through in everything she undertakes, Trust this internet stranger, trust Grace and this certificate of competence!

Rose Liu // @eraerose

Grace is constant encouragement – she is always ready to talk and give advice. She is the best to be around! 

Gabbi Grenell // @gabbignyc

Grace is anything and everything you want her to be. Someone to laugh at you and with you. Someone to cry to, someone to encourage you. And especially someone who will listen for hours and somehow solve all of your problems with the single most prophetic sentence you hear to date—at least twice a week.

Payton Labadie // @paytonlabadie

Strengths: strong leadership skills, able to manage a large team, great organizational ability, professional, makes people feel comfortable quickly, good problem solver, has superb taste in food and also Instagram pics, and a very wonderful and supportive friend. I could go on…

Sami Melcher // @samimelcher

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