About Me

Disclaimer: this is a personal take ‘about me’. After all, my personal philosophy is that the personal and professional are intertwined and neither should be neglected in favour of the other. However, if you’re looking for only my professional experiences, click here.

Hailing from Malaysia with roots in Beijing and New York City and branches all over the world, I’ve learnt to build a sense of home wherever I am.

I feel at home in restaurants, spending hours in cafes, across dining tables. I find home in churches, in the reverence of coloured glass that refract a larger story of love and redemption, in small groups of other Christians trying to figure out life together, in large modern congregations with the highest production value and the simple gospel. I build my home in the code of the Malaysian language/accent, in the stories I experience onstage or onscreen or in books, in the moments we share together. I am at home when the person I am with is who they are in my presence knowing they are safe and secure, because I can be as comfortable with them just like I would be in my own home.

I would continue my poetic writing, but a huge part of me is also one that enjoys categorising and figuring out where things fit and belong. That’s why I love personality tests (especially the Enneagram and the Love Languages), etymology and word definitions, and stories. So if you’d like to find out more about me, check out this simple table that sorts out the pros and cons of being me.


  • I love people.
  • According to StrengthsFinder: Deliberative, Individualization, Arranger, Learner, Strategic.
  • Sticker conversations – like conversations on Messenger and WeChat that are purely comprised of stickers.
  • GIF-filled emails.
  • Long-distance friendships.
  • Code-switching between accents and languages #MalaysiaBoleh.
  • I read super quickly (almost like speed-reading).
  • Content-binging – if I love a TV show, I will finish it like time is a social construct that bends to fit 1 season in 1 day.
  • Usually being right. And in the rare chance I’m wrong, I’m quick to right my wrong.
  • Giving gifts.
  • Making this list and checking it more than twice.


  • Dairy products. But I have lactase.
  • Remembering birthdays.
  • Bread. I love bread, especially sourdough – especially baguettes.
  • Attention to detail. I’m a big picture kind of person, but I’m working on remembering that the big picture requires the small pieces.
  • Songs without lyrics – I’ll fall asleep if there aren’t lyrics.
  • Shoes. I love shoes.
  • Running or swimming. I’ll do cardio as long as it’s not either of the above.
  • Knowing where the Bible verse is from. It’s like remembering dates, I don’t remember them.
  • Confusing my lefts and rights all the time.
  • Using too many exclamation marks in my emails.
If you’d like to hear what others have to say about me,
check out my certificate of competence.