Here are my highlight work samples from my time with Rebel Motion in NYC. If you’d like to find out more about the project, or learn more about my other projects (I also do photo and theatre!) – feel free to reach out to me at me@thegracechan.com or via this contact form.

Timo X Zenni: Out of Office

Not only is this video super fun to watch, but it was also one of the most fun to produce. Collaborating closely with 2 incredible producers, Danielle Diamond and Tiffany Chang, I’m really proud of what we were able to create for Timo Weiland and Zenni Optical. They were fantastic clients to work with, and the crew and cast were extremely easy-going and efficient.

Color Scheme (courtesy of Production Designer extraordinaire, Sophia Uehara)

If you’re curious how the team got to this final video, here is the First Pitch Deck, the Second Pitch Deck, and the Final Visual Writeout that was finalised a week before shooting.

One of the biggest highlights of this project was a moment I shared with one of the make-up artists. Jonathan Wu (peep him in the corner of my background) came up to me in the middle of filming to tell me that in his 20+ years of being on set to tell me that this was the most diverse set he’s ever been on, and one with the most Asian faces ever. Diverse representation is so important to me, and receiving the affirmation that I was practicing what I preached meant inspired me to wrote a blog post about what diversity means to me and how to achieve diversity. Read it here!


We spent around 12 hours being stuck in a small conference room in the middle of Philadelphia; but the laughs, the food/crafty, the fantastic crew, the wittiest cast, and the final video made it all worth it.

Danielle Diamond, the director, wrote a blog post on UserInterview’s website to describe her process to include the client’s needs and expectations, how to engage with the target audience, and her own creative vision and voice.

Mingle Mocktails

This video project was my first experience as a solo producer. I cannot claim any credit for the amazing visuals of the end product (shoutout to DP Jake Horgan, and editor Mindy Ossi), but I’m extremely proud that this was my first commercial producing experience.

A particular moment that I remember fondly on this was helping the founder, Laura, prep for her video. She had her script memorised and was all ready after hair & make-up, but she was incredibly nervous of being in front of the camera. So I used my acting and teaching experiences to calm down her nerves, and give her tricks and tools to be her best self under the pressure of the lights, camera and action. Check out the founder’s video on Mingle Mocktail’s website!

DEZI – The Edge

Dezi’s debut music video draws you in with the visuals (shoutout to DP Ben Davis), but keeps you to the end for the story (kudos to Isabella Tan for directing and writing this tale).

I had the honour of producing this music video and the launch event for its release. This music video was Rebel Motion’s first music video on our portfolio, and since then, “The Edge” has helped the company gain more music video projects and narrative-based videos.

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