If you found this page, I’ll be guiding you to the pages with more information: here is my Resumé and here is my online Portfolio of my professional highlights and some of my fave #BTS photos about #setlife.

(CV available upon request!)

While you’re here, I have a quick professional blurb for you:

Upon graduating from NYU Gallatin with an individualised degree exploring the intersections between theatre, education, identity and food, along with a minor in Global Education, I became the Chief Operations Officer of Rebel Motion, an NYC-based start-up production company/creative agency. I started working there when it was just me and the founder with only 3 projects wrapped in 2017, to ending my run with Rebel leading a team of 4 and over 30+ visual projects wrapped in 2018 (and I was directly involved/ in 20+ of them).

Prior to Rebel Motion, I was a Resident Assistant in NYU’s University Hall working with a team of diverse RAs to provide wellness and crisis support, along with educational programming and resources, to over 600+ residents from all over the USA and the world. Aside from that, I have performed in a range of theatrical and video productions in NYC; and I have held various international internship experiences, ranging from theatre companies in NYC to large media corporations in Malaysia to a start-up in Beijing’s hutongs.